A view of the Winster valley between Bowland Bridge and Winster, taken from Cartmel Fell

Hyperfast Community Fibre Broadband for CARTMEL FELL

Hyperfast Community Fibre Broadband for CARTMEL FELL


PLEASE REGISTER with GET B4RN to secure service.

Have you had your "UK Gigabit Voucher Scheme – action required" govt email?

If not, please do check email spam folders.

Ready for a major upgrade to your internet?

B4RN is an affordable, hyperfast (1000 Mbps) broadband service that local community volunteers help to deliver for our own neighbourhood.

The 1000 Mbps service means no more buffering, however many devices you are using!

Sign up now to secure service to your property (please follow the link below, even if you've previously registered your interest!)

Got questions? We can help!

We are running some public question and answer events that you can just drop in to. 


Hello, neighbour!

The great thing about this project is that we're all neighbours of yours.


So - if you would prefer to speak to one of us on the phone, or you'd like us to call on you and just have a chat about this project and how you could benefit, please do ask us to contact you by filling our contact form. 

B4RN is an established Community Benefit Society that keeps its broadband prices low and affordable. 

It's ONLY £30 per month for a domestic connection!


The whole community is offered a connection, not just the parts that are easy to reach. Some of our neighbours still have to go and make a cuppa while something loads! In the digital age, we strongly believe that internet services should be available on an equal basis for everyone in our community. That's why we volunteered to help deliver B4RN to Cartmel Fell.

By working together, we can ensure that we ALL get decent internet for work, our children & grandchildren get access to online education resources, and we can use streaming TV services at top quality. No more fighting over who gets to use the internet!

LIMITED TIME LEFT FOR VOUCHERS - Sign up before September 24th, for B4RN to claim your vouchers in time to get Gigabit Voucher funding for Cartmel Fell before the scheme closes.

Registering helps B4RN's project finance planning and it can also potentially secure additional funding from the Government's Gigabit Voucher Scheme - which pays up to £1,500 for Residential properties and up to £3,500 for Business properties.


Residents and businesses get a £150 ‘dig grant’, and businesses which successfully apply for voucher funding ALSO have their £150 connection fee waived.