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House Assessment Surveys & Garden Digging

Are you a property owner in Cartmel Fell?

Our volunteers are now in the process of assessing properties and gardens to agree with each householder and landowner precisely how we can connect you up to B4RN's hyperfast broadband. 


Route mapping has been done on the basis of maximising a ‘soft’ dig route - particularly aiming to avoid utility services, water supplies and drainage.


Now, we want to make sure we know where to dig (or not dig) in your garden to reach your property, and where you would like your wall box to be fitted.

We'll be in touch (if we haven't done already) to talk to each of you. We'll document each house so that we know where the duct and boxes will go, and we'll also have a better idea of what help we can give to each of you.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch via the website or email our volunteer team at

House Assessment

Our B4RN volunteers will draw up a plan with an agreed route across your garden and where your would like your wall boxes. During your house assessment you can ask questions and let our volunteers know about areas to avoid or be careful of.

B4RN fibre duct

Major routes carry fibres to many houses at once, so a 16mm diameter tube (duct) is used and usually buried in fields at a depth of about 45cm (1.5 feet) deep, using a minimum-disturbance mole plough.

Nearer your house and through your garden, 7mm duct is usually used.

Fibreoptic cable can be installed after the duct is buried.  

Can you invest in B4RN shares?

You can still invest and help enable our local gigabit full fibre broadband network build to happen as fast as possible.


Invest in shares for a minimum of 3 years, currently attracting a 5% return, and fund the dig on Cartmel Fell. 

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