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  • Julie Woodgate

50 signups? Fabulous - we still need more!

Our target remains as 80 houses - and we've managed 50 in two weeks!

We're incredibly pleased and grateful to have done so well in such a short time, but if you haven't yet signed up - we still need your help as soon as possible.

The B4RN vouchers team will have a better chance of getting all of those applications in by their deadline if we don't leave the signups and information until the last minute... so if you can join us in the signups list, then we'd be very pleased indeed.

Please don't wait! Sign up now.

You aren't making a commitment at this stage, and even if we can't get a voucher for your property, we still want you to register now at

Your signup is a signal to B4RN that this area is very serious that we need an internet service for the WHOLE community - not just a lucky few.

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