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B4RN, everywhere, all at once...

Fibre blowing, Mole ploughing and digging is now all happening all at the same time.

As activity levels ramp up, so does the excitement and anticipation of a broadband service that will actually provide access for anyone in the community of Cartmel Fell that wants it.

Fibre blowing

This month, Frank and David began blowing the fibre that carries the broadband signal.

It has been piped (“blown”) into some of the ducts where properties already have garden ducts and wall boxes. Just the other day, 3km of fibre was blown in... and Cartmel Fell Parish Hall was the first property to get its fibre blown and connected up to the B4RN cabinet.

Mole ploughing

If you’ve been travelling down the Fell, you’ve probably seen the mole plough at work near various tractors, vans and reels of duct, as Tony M and his helpers work to get the core duct ploughed into the fields. His progress has been steady, and in a very short time he will have completed his work to the South of Bowland Bridge.

Garden digging

The Cartmel Fell volunteer dig team have also been busy over the last few weeks getting more property ducts dug into peoples’ gardens, and on several occasions we’ve had a decent sized team working together with B4RN contractors to get garden trenches dug and made good within a few hours.

Feeling left out?

If your property is in Cartmel Fell and South of Bowland Bridge, and we’re not already discussing your B4RN wall boxes & possible dig dates with you, please get in touch at

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