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B4RN is a Community Benefit Society

What's a Community Benefit Society?

B4RN is a community commercial social enterprise that is often funded by members of the community it's working in. It's an enterprise that exists for the benefit of the community, and it's a form of registered society that has to be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”).

B4RN wants to provide a way for the public-spirited to contribute both physically (volunteering) and financially to their own communities – and those contributions are primarily for social dividend rather than personal reward.

The overall aim of B4RN is to provide a high speed (hyperfast / 1 Gigabit) broadband service and also to promote use of the internet and ICT in previously digitally disadvantaged areas.

Happily, there are also additional financial incentives for people to invest in B4RN shares... find out more in our Investment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

You can read more about B4RN’s aims in their latest share prospectus, and more about B4RN as a company on the B4RN website:

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