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Connecting the Fell step by step...

Cartmel Fell has now gone into build, and we're now starting to dig more gardens as the weather gets warmer and the ground isn't quite so hard.

The sunshine is encouraging us to get our spades, mattocks and crowbars out and to lay the 7mm duct that will carry broadband fibre through peoples' gardens to each house.

Now that Cartmel Fell has had its first dig day (with lots of enthusiastic volunteers getting trained!), we're putting together teams that can help to dig (and fill) trenches in gardens.

The steps

Every home on the Fell that wants a B4RN connection will have the following steps:

Survey, then Dig, then Connect.

  • Survey - we visit and do a house assessment with you - we'll discuss where you'd like your wall box, what and where we might dig, and whether you'd like assistance from a team of local volunteers to bury the duct in your garden.

  • Dig - if you need our help, we'll agree when and get a team of locals there.

  • Connect - we'll send someone round to you to connect your wall box up. We'll ask you to make sure that they have room to work and they'll bring the B4RN house kit.

We've a little while to wait for the B4RN main contractors to dig the fields in Cartmel Fell (and there's a lot of Fell to mole plough!), so in the meantime we're busy getting all the house connections and garden digs done, so we'll be ready for them.

Get in touch with us at if you would like to chat.

Exciting times.

Best wishes,


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