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Investing in B4RN shares

Why is investment needed?

As B4RN is non-profit each new area that invites B4RN in needs to raise a certain level of investment to cover the work and materials required for their area’s installation. Currently, a significant amount of that cost is being met with government voucher funding, but investment by members of the community purchasing shares in B4RN also supports the costs of the project.

What's the % rate / return on my investment?

B4RN shares have a return of 5% per annum currently.

How much can I invest?

There is a lower and upper limit for investment amounts and at the time of writing (1st June 2021) the investment range is minimum £100 and maximum £100,000 (see the B4RN share prospectus for confirmation of current information)

Are there other benefits of investing?

Invest at least £1,500 in one go, and your one-off residential connection fee will be waived, which is a saving of £150. (Full rules are available as a PDF document here.)

What's this about 4 free connections?

You can actually get up to 4 connection fees waived - one for every complete £1,500 invested, and then use them as you wish for you, your family, friends, etc... The right to free connections is available for a period of five years from the initial purchase date.

Can I add to my shareholding at a later date?

Yes. You can invest further at any time up to the maximum of £100,000.

What does being a shareholder mean for me?

As a Community Benefit Society, each member (invested shareholder) gets one vote at general meetings, irrespective of the number of shares they own. B4RN holds shares for a minimum of 3 years, after which funds can then be requested to be withdrawn by the shareholder.

(See the B4RN share prospectus for confirmation of current terms and conditions.)

B4RN and your Cartmel Fell B4RN Group recommend:

"As with any financial investment we would always recommend taking independent financial advice before investing so that you're fully comfortable with the terms and conditions of this investment."

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