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Only £30 per month for 1000Mbps, for ALL of us!

The difference between most other broadband service providers and B4RN is that its service costs householders only £30pm - and few providers can match them on price whilst using the full capabilities of a fibre connection - most charge at least double the price each month for the same service.

The big providers of phone and TV services in the UK are focused on providing services to people in areas where they already built a network, and where adding individual customers involves a relatively small marginal cost to them. The problem is that this leaves many of our out-of-town neighbours with a "no, you can't get our service" response, or a quote for an excruciating price to install a connection.

Instead, the B4RN model delivers service to ALL of us.

Communities dig and deliver fibre broadband by volunteers giving their time and labour for free. They are backed by B4RN - a professional provider that has both internet expertise and a service available at an affordable price.

Check out the B4RN price list here:

Our neighbours in more rural locations will finally have the same opportunity to manage their business affairs online, stream TV shows, see family on video calls and ensure home schooling for their children is actually an option.

For locations such as schools and businesses with larger numbers of employees or public internet facilities, there's a 10,000Mbps (10 Gigabit) service available, too!

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