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Saturday 4th September - B4RN broadband insider knowledge, technical advice, and registration help.

Our next and final Q&A drop-in session will be 11am - 3pm on Saturday 4th September at Hare Hill Barn, LA11 6NZ.

We’ll have some volunteers from neighbouring groups, talking about the roles they've had whilst volunteering in their own areas, and we’ll be able to facilitate signups if anyone would like our help with completing the registration form.

Just a reminder that we’ve got a few ways for you to get in touch with us - even after you register.

  • Contact us via the web contact form

  • Talk to us at the Q&A drop-in session on Saturday 4th at Hare Hill Barn, Cartmel Fell LA11 6NZ between 11am and 3pm. Simon Gray from Old Hutton and Andrew Skinner from Storth will be happy to answer any technical questions you have about how the houses get connected and / or ways to ensure you get the most out of your speedy broadband!

  • We’re happy to meet you to chat if you would like us to, and we can help you complete a registration, if you’d like.

The registration form is at

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