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Updated: May 16, 2021

We recently set up a group of volunteers to deliver B4RN Hyperfast Broadband to Cartmel Fell, with the help and guidance of Sue Caddy, local B4RN Community liaison, who is working with the Crosthwaite and Crook B4RN groups as well.

Whether you like walking and talking, digging the garden, or fancy learning a new skill, we have lots of different things that you could choose to help us with. We'd really love to find some more people to join our group of volunteers.

We’ve found the other local B4RN volunteer groups an inspiration already - and they’ve been very kind with the advice they’ve given us.

At the moment our volunteers are working on getting the word out to our neighbours about our project, and then asking for people's kind permission to cross their land to reach their neighbour, via simple Wayleave agreements.

Once we have a plan for the route we can take across Cartmel Fell, we'll get the fibre laid, and we'll have an opportunity for people to be trained to do garden digs and house kit installs.

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