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We're nearly there! It's time to PLEDGE to bring B4RN to Cartmel Fell!!!

Pledge? Yes, PLEDGE!!

Our hyperfast B4RN network (offering download speeds and levels of reliability no other commercial provider will EVER offer us here on Cartmel Fell) is tantalisingly within grasp!! We just need one last push to secure the final funding so that our project can get underway!

And that, dear reader, is where YOU come in!

The final tranche of funding is going to come from dedicated and generous residents such as you who can see the staggering potential of B4RN's service to 'future-proof' Cartmel Fell for generations to come and who can also see the financial benefits of investing in such a project.

I'm certainly one of those residents and that's why I'm going to pledge £1,500 towards our Cartmel Fell plans! And I'm doing so safe in the knowledge that (a) I can pledge to invest my £1,500 directly in our own project here on the Fell and (b) that no monies will be requested from me until we have met our £300,000 funding target.

It's a no-brainer!!

So, please click here to find out how to PLEDGE to support our vision for Cartmel Fell ... and you and your offspring will reap the rewards for years and years to come!


Teacher and Dad

Cartmel Fell

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