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Are you a landowner with land in Cartmel Fell?

Our volunteers are in the process of contacting landowners whose land we would like to cross to deliver B4RN's hyperfast broadband. They are route walking, agreeing routes with landowners and organising the wayleaves we need.


Where there is any land that we would like to cross, we will approach each landowner to request their agreement and input, and consult with any tenants of theirs to understand the land and its use.


Wayleave route mapping is worked out on the basis of maximising a ‘soft’ dig route - particularly aiming to avoid utility services, water supplies and drainage.


To understand the options for crossing the terrain in Cartmel Fell, we want to ensure we get feedback and information from the people who have a stake in owning or using the land. We are particularly interested in consulting with the farming community who will know the landscape well.

If you are a land owner and would like to discuss any wayleave questions, arrange a site visit or simply have a map drawn up, please get in touch via the website or email


The B4RN wayleave is a 1 page agreement between B4RN and a landowner, with a map showing the route along which they have agreed fibre ducting will cross their land.

B4RN fibre ducting

A 16mm diameter tube, through which fibreoptic cable can be installed. 

Ducting is usually buried at a depth of about 45cm (1.5 feet) deep, using a minimum-disturbance mole plough.

Can you invest in B4RN shares?

You can help enable your local gigabit full fibre broadband network build.


Invest in shares issued by Broadband for the Rural North for a minimum of 3 years, currently attracting a 5% return, and help raise the funds to start the dig on Cartmel Fell.

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