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Why B4RN?

Your internet will get a major upgrade. In fact, the Gigabit broadband service from B4RN is already giving world-leading Internet speeds.


Let's talk figures.


Average download speed for rural properties is 7.2 Mbps (according to a 2019 Ofcom report).


B4RN's download/upload speed is 1,000 Mbps.


That's 138x times faster.


(Mbps = megabits per second)

With B4RN, you will be future proofing yourself and your property as more services move online.


This includes TV, school resources, government and council facilities, business registrations, and even telephones (as of 2025, land lines will no longer exist!)

Even house and personal alarms will need to move to a digital (broadband) service.

SMART applications using the web now include smart speakers, security cameras, fitness trackers, kitchen appliances, heating systems and lighting.

There's NO binding commitment needed from you until after B4RN have laid the cables, and even then, you only sign your contract a few days ahead of connection to the service.

There are no lengthy contracts and no early cancellation costs.


You can cancel after 30 days and at any time.


A 7-day cooling off period also allows you to cancel and connect at a later date.

Full T&Cs are available here

At only £33 a month, B4RN's internet service is much cheaper than current equivalents.

With B4RN you will be protecting yourself from corporate price hikes and hidden costs.

A recent government report estimated that Superfast Broadband (>30Mbps speeds) increases your property value by around £3,500.

Imagine what Hyperfast Broadband (~1,000Mbps speeds) could do!

If you run a hotel, B&B or a self-catering holiday let property, with B4RN you can provide the world’s fastest internet for your customers.

Your holiday home will be more attractive to prospective visitors when compared to alternative destinations.

B4RN gives free service to schools, places of worship, and some village halls.

By signing up up to the B4RN service in your area, you are doing your bit to ensure this project is viable for your community.

B4RN operates on a 24-hour response support service if you're having any trouble with your internet.

Regular B4RN computer clubs run by experienced B4RN volunteers and users will also help you get the most out of your Hyperfast Fibre Broadband connection.

Surplus revenues are invested back into the network infrastructure, connecting the wider community and local community support.


B4RN is not listed on the Stock Exchange and therefore has no hungry shareholders to feed. It's a Community Benefit Society, so all profits return to the community.


These people living local to us are already on B4RN!


"We have been connected to B4RN for several weeks now, following an enjoyable period of volunteering with our team in Crosthwaite. Our involvement was very willingly given following repeated statements from BT/Openreach that there were no plans to supply fibre to our property in the foreseeable future. In no way can our location be defined as remote or difficult to access, being alongside the A5074, but we were deemed to be not financially viable.

From a standing start in August last year wayleaves were secured to bring B4RN’s gigabit fibre service up the Valley from Gilpin Bridge to our distribution cabinet at the Memorial Hall in the village centre, ducting was installed largely by contractor and our domestic service went live at the end of May – a fantastic community achievement!

What a transformation – Facetime video calls with the grandchildren no longer drop out, films can be downloaded without limit in an instant without buffering and, because we have connected our PC’s to the router by ethernet cable, we have remarkable web searching and email capabilities. Coupled with the ethernet connections we have installed a mesh system to distribute the signal by WiFi around the house and its immediate surroundings so that mobile devices have capabilities previously only imagined and much better than our city living children!


Shortly we will be transferring our landline, retaining our number, to a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system allowing us to totally sever connections with BT.

As one of the first connections in Crosthwaite to go live we were selected for a random independent audit to confirm that B4RN are delivering promised speeds and yes, they are .Download and upload speeds at the router are consistently in excess of 900Mb/s and even at the extremes of WiFi, through stone walls, speeds of about half this are achieved – far in excess of BT or any other offerings.

In conclusion we are very well pleased with the entire B4RN package and, as an investor, feel proud to be part of the success story for our village."


Martin Casson, Crosthwaite

“ I have received B4RN into my house in the last month. I cannot praise the team high enough. They worked tirelessly digging up roads and finding a route into the best corner of my house to maximise the signal. No mess. The result is an extremely fast broadband. I couldn’t be more pleased. “

Mrs S - Levens

"B4RN is the future.


No other provider can compare in terms of speed and cost. Even when a farmer puts a plough through the duct, the speed with which B4RN repairs the service is amazing because their automatic switch gear sends the signals by a different route.


The speed is 1000GBS to the home router but as use of the internet increases in future the speed can be increased to 10,000GBS (and even 100,000) with no problems; it is future proof.


Even if a household does not use the internet, it should get the service duct to the home to provide for the future while the government vouchers are available.


Getting B4RN will enhance the value of the house."

Mr R. - Old Hutton

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